Finviz Heat Map

Finviz Heat Map

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Finviz Heat Map

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The S&P 500 was up over 6% this week, slicing through  the 380 level and closing over the 20 and 50 EMAs. It is very close to exceeding the recent September high of 389.31.



Bitcoin back above 20,000

On Tuesday, Bitcoin was finally able to break and hold above  20,000. Like the S&P 500,  it remains above the 20 and 50 EMAs.

Finviz Weekly Heatmap

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Despite some earnings turbulence this week, all sectors were green, with Real Estate, Utilities and Consumer Defensive sectors leading the market.

Rates, Yields, Bonds

All 3 benchmark rates remain over 4%, but the are beginning to show signs of deterioriation. The 30 year is trading over the 10 Year, but the 2 year is still exceeding the 30 year rate.
source: koyfin


Closing below 26, the VIX was down over 15% this week while the Fear and Greed indicator entered “Greed”, a reading we haven’t seen since August.

The US Dollar

Perhaps fueling the rally, the dollar declined over 2% this week.

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More earnings next week with SoFi, Lilly, AMD, CVS, Roku, Starbucks, Draft Kings, Paypal, and Coinbase all reporting.


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