March 27, 2022 – Weekly Market Summary

market summary

Finviz Weekly Market Map – Besides the usual suspects holding this market up (AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, AMZN, TSLA), we continue to see Energy, Insurance (BRK-B), Aerospace, Defense, and Materials climb. Financials are getting support from rising interest rates. Housing related stocks are dropping, possibly due to higher mortgage rates, increasing inflation, and decreasing home affordability. … Read more

CIBR – Cybersecurity


At Money Vikings we have talked a lot over the years about macro investing themes and the power they can bring to a portfolio and wealth building. These are those huge trends over the globe that really cannot be stopped. Aging populations, adoption of technologies, healthcare, pharma, climate disruptions all offer certain investment opportunities. We … Read more

O (Realty Income) REIT


 O (Realty Income). The secret is out, Realty Income is just one of the best REIT’s around! They own a growing and diversified portfolio of locations. Think Dollar Tree’s, Walmart’s, Home Depot’s, 7-11’s, Kroger’s, Walgreen’s, etc. It is also moving into European markets. We see a nice long term future of growth ahead.

Why Diversify? The Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns Shows Us


With the market volatility and stock market, bond market, and global markets in flux, you might think that Greg and I are worried. We are not! Why? Are we selling all our stock to catch all the gains we can before they are lost? No. We diversify our investments. We go into these markets fully … Read more