3 Ways to Stop Online Shopping Addiction

online shopping addiction

We are being tricked An Online Shopping Addiction? Many forms of technology are being used to do one simple thing, remove dollars from your pocket. Online shopping has exploded over the years, and became especially ubiquitous during the pandemic. Take from this guy who was an early investor in WebVan during the Dotcom crunch, unfortunately … Read more

Inflation Has Sucked for Decades – 1 Plan to Destroy It!


Let’s stop lying to ourselves, inflation has sucked for decades! We may be fooling ourselves to think that this is a new phenomena of high gas prices and expensive eggs after a Pandemic. But do not be fooled.

Millionaire In The Making (Top 3 Tips)


Welcome to our first installment of “MIM” – Millionaire in the Making. Here we provide highlights and top 3 tips from middle class folks who are on their way to building a million dollar net worth. The names are changed to protect identities online.

7 Ways To Cut Down Your Entertainment Subscription Costs in 2023

faceless player with fake cash in box

One of the biggest money suckers in this day and age is subscription fees. I love signing up for online resources that help and provide me with news,… 7 Ways To Cut Down Your Entertainment Subscription Costs in 2023 Some great suggestions here!

4 Ways to Hosting WordPress on a Shoestring Budget

hosting wordpress

Hosting Wordpress on a shoestring budget is cheap, fun, and fast. As financial bloggers, we always look for ways to save, and keeping our costs down leaves more time to do what we love, blog about money and financial freedom.

4 Ways to Fight Lifestyle Creep

Many folks are currently dealing with a toxic combo of inflation and lifestyle creep. And with economic storm clouds on the horizon, it may be a great time to push back against lifestyle creep in particular. You see, the pandemic era excesses of money supply and skyrocketing asset prices gave a false sense of security, … Read more

Recession Proofing Your Finances – 6 Simple Things You Can Do Today!

vikings recession proof

Recession Proofing Your Finances – 6 Simple Things You Can Do Today! Once again as the pandemic monetary madness unwinds, it is time to consider how recession proof you are. You can start recession proofing your finances today. No one knows if we will hit a recession, but the media has been talking about it … Read more

Travel Hacks for Families On the Go

Travel Hacks Family Volly

Travel Hacks Many families are travelling for the holidays and that means extra strain on our budgets. With proper planning, we can save while on the go. Here are some hacks I used while on the east coast this past week. 1. Airline Tickets & Deals Here’s one of my favorite travel hacks: Use rewards … Read more

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