3 Ways To Be A 401k Warrior

401K warrior

For most of us in the middle class, our one main tool for building wealth is our 401k or self directed Individual Retirement Account. This is the basket of index funds that we are consistently contributing to in order to build wealth one lego brick at a time. The fact that this goes on a … Read more

Millionaire In The Making (Top 3 Tips)


Welcome to our first installment of “MIM” – Millionaire in the Making. Here we provide highlights and top 3 tips from middle class folks who are on their way to building a million dollar net worth. The names are changed to protect identities online.

7 Ways To Cut Down Your Entertainment Subscription Costs in 2023

faceless player with fake cash in box

One of the biggest money suckers in this day and age is subscription fees. I love signing up for online resources that help and provide me with news,… 7 Ways To Cut Down Your Entertainment Subscription Costs in 2023 Some great suggestions here!

4 Ways to Hosting WordPress on a Shoestring Budget

hosting wordpress

Hosting Wordpress on a shoestring budget is cheap, fun, and fast. As financial bloggers, we always look for ways to save, and keeping our costs down leaves more time to do what we love, blog about money and financial freedom.

5 Strategies for Overcoming Unfairness

5 Strategies to Overcoming Unfairness Lets talk about overcoming unfairness, going back to one of my favorite movies of all time: “The Princess Bride”. Do yourself a favor and watch it, it is one of my all time favorites. It was a book first, but I was introduced to the movie when I was about 12. … Read more

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