7 Ways to Build a Robot “Wealth Building” Army!

6 ways to build a wealth building “robot” army!

Why Invest In 2023 & How to Do It

Why Invest In 2023

Why Invest In 2023 & How to Do It? Do you know why you invest in 2023? To make money, right? Yes, but like many things in life there is more to the story. If we explore a little further, we may find there are more subtle and complex reasons to invest. Investing Investing is … Read more

WOW Stocks For 2023

Wow Stocks Dwight

WOW Stocks for 2023 I will enter 2023 once again in a defensive investment and personal finance posture. Whereas I am cautiously optimistic that some of the worst market carnage is behind us, one never knows and many risks still persist. Will the elusive artificial recession arrive? Will pandemic disruptions return? How will I be prepared for … Read more

Technology Good Bad? Use the Internet to Be Stronger

technology good bad using internet social media to be strong on the internet

Technology Good Bad? Let’s Use Social Media & Internet to Be Stronger! Congratulations! We spent the last two decade as part of a vast social experiment using social media and the internet! How does it feel being a guinea pig? Now, how do we develop a healthy relationship with technology in order to build wealth … Read more

My 2023 Portfolio Setup as the Raging 20’s Continue!

Raging 20s

2023 Portfolio As we enter 2023, I will lay out how my portfolio allocation will generally look based on my research and a sound approach to wealth building. We are now well into what we call the “Raging 20’s”. This is a time of several macro changes in the world that will effect investing and … Read more

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