Dr. Amen Healthy Brain Techniques and 5 Things that Destroy It

healthy brain techniques

Healthy Brain Techniques, Why? The Money Vikings require strong healthy brains to live a life of True Wealth. As a society, we have historically ignored brain health. Instead focusing on the symptoms in particular areas of health and behavior instead of getting to the root cause: brain health. An unhealthy brain leads to all sorts … Read more

Combine the Power of Olive Oil, Garlic & More! (The Health Trifecta’s 3 Ways)

power of olive oil

Harnessing the Power of a Health Trifecta You might be using The Money Vikings Investing Trifecta to build wealth, but are we also using the Health Trifecta to build health? Welcome, everyone! Today, we’re going to delve into the health benefits of two incredibly versatile ingredients: olive oil and garlic. And we will combine these … Read more

The Bryan Johnson Anti Aging Experiment (should I give him a chance?)

Full Disclosure Bryan Johnson is a successful entrepreneur who has invested millions of dollars in finding ways to extend human lifespan. He has outlined a blueprint for living longer and shares his progress and results openly. When I first started watching Bryan Johnson anti aging experiment videos I was skeptical and thought it was strange. … Read more

7 Inflammation Foods to Avoid at All Costs

The Money Vikings Approach Here at Money Vikings we want you to be healthy and wealthy, just like our Viking ancestors! So here are more ideas to achieve your goals of ultimate fitness and ultimate wealth! Sometimes it is what we DO NOT do Just like in investing, sometimes with our health, it is what … Read more

How to Live Forever? (7 great & powerful ways)

how to live forever

At Money Vikings our guiding mission is to deliver the most amazing life enhancing and wealth building information we can bring together in one place. This includes not only building wealth, but also living as long and as healthy as possible. So How to Live Forever? Read on!

5 Healthiest Foods (awesome taste & powerful benefits)

5 healthiest foods

Let’s take a science backed look at the healthiest food categories we can incorporate into our lives to feel great and live a longer more productive life. We will cover 5 healthiest foods backed by scientific research. These foods also tend to just taste great, which is a part of living a life of True … Read more

5 Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

mediterranean diet

A key aspect of True Wealth is our health. And our health is clearly linked to our diet and movement practices. But we have been brainwashed to develop awful eating and diet patterns. What if I told you there was a totally natural and absolutely delicious and filling “diet” that was actually amazing for our … Read more

7 Gen X Retirement Tips

gen x retirement

43-58, MTV Generation Gen X Retirement? I can’t believe it, but many Gen X are now anywhere from 7-15 years away from traditional retirement age. How did that happen? But more importantly, how can Gen X secure a successful retirement that is coming ever closer? Here we discuss 7 retirement tips and ideas for Generation … Read more

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