Real Estate Investment Trusts (Real Estate Cash Flow, REITs, Great Addition to Portfolio) (STOR, O, Vanguard Real Estate)

REIT Real Estate

Consider these REITS as an alternative to investing in physical real estate.

3 Strategies to Overcome Our Flawed Investing Psychology


3 Strategies to Overcome Our Flawed Investment Psychology – By Money Viking Greg What a wild week in the market, like a crazy roller coaster! The field of investment psychology comes out with more and more evidence every year that proves we suck at investing and managing finances in general. The old models assumed that … Read more



3/17/17 Update – Close for Profit  (32% ROI) We were able to close this SPY Iron Condor for a 79$ profit, which was our target of 50% of premium received. To execute this trade we did the following: Bought to Close 1 SPY 04/14/22 Call 466.00 @ 0.73 Sold to Close 1 SPY 04/14/22 Call 470.00 @ … Read more

Achieving FIRE is like cracking the “Matrix”

It’s official, Neo is resurrected! Achieve Fire and Crack the Matrix! Yes, the new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has confirmed that Neo is still alive. The long-awaited fourth installment in the Matrix saga recently dropped its first trailer and showed audiences a taste of what to expect when the sequel hits theaters in December. … Read more

How to Make Passive Income Trading Crypto with Gridbots


This week I tried out Grid Bot trading for the first time. I used a few different platforms. Grid Trading continuously allows you to buy low and sell high while you sleep, work, or spend time with your friends and family. Its a neutral strategy that works best for high volatility crypto pairs in a consolidating or mildly bull market.

7 Stocks & ETFs For The Long Run – Investment “Longboats”

yoga, exercise, fitness-3053488.jpg

This post is now updated to reflect more emphasis on Exchange Traded Funds vs. individual equities. Although there are still a few buy and hold equities for the long run, but I have realized there is a great benefit to holding a basket of stocks with a particular mix in order to balance the risk … Read more

The Investing Trifecta Can Triple Net Worth

How I tripled my net worth in just 10 years.

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