Finviz Heat Map & 1 Daily Market Summary

Finviz Heat Map

finviz heat map heatmap

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Key Points From Last Week and Next

Key Points From This Past Week and Next

⬆️ S&P 500:  Holding the 420 line in the sand, SPY rallied to 2023 highs, up 1.84% this week. On Friday, it gapped up and closed at 427.92. Note that 53% of the market is still below the 200 day SMA, but improving week over week. 

✈️ Dow was up 2.28% for the week, with a huge rally on Friday, knocking out gains not seen since last November, trading above the 200 day moving average.

🧢 IWM Small caps gained over 3% on Friday, and 3.72% for the week. They are pretty beat up, but are holding the line.

🏎️ QQQ Gained 1.33% with Tech and AI, however other sectors are joining in this week.

💼 Rates/Bonds: TLT declined around .11% for the week, while the 10 year rate lost .24%, closing at 3.69%. 

🚩Fed Watch: The CME FedWatch tool is reflecting a nearly 75% chance of no hike at the Fed’s June meeting in 11 days

🎢 Volatility: The VIX declined over 16% and is trading near 2 year lows (14.60).

🛢️ Commodities: Agricultural Commodities were up 2.15%. Gold was flat, while Oil was up over 2.97%. Natural Gas retreated almost 10%.

🍔All Sectors were up this week, with Consumer Cyclical and Real Estate leading the pack.

📈📉 Economic Events Next Week:

  • 6/5 — Services PMI
  • 6/7 — Crude Oil Inventories
  • 6/8 — Initial Jobless Claims

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Finviz Heat Map

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