Happiness & Riding the “U” Shape Wave of Life – 5 Ideas

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” the immortal words from Thomas Jefferson just about sum up what we all are striving for in this life. But what if “happiness” or contentment was somehow baked in at various levels at different stages of life? What can we do to increase our happiness and contentment? THE … Read more

Happy Birthday Warren! Berkshire Buffett Forever Stock BRK-B (How to be a great investor & person)

lighted candles on an elegant looking cake

Berkshire the company is like an amazing collection of over 60 awesome American companies. I admire the man himself for his morals, intellect and values. I find him to be a role model in terms of living a good and fulfilling life. He values integrity, family, moral judgment and strategic business investments. He loves numbers and math. He also loves a Dairy Queen Blizzard and burger! His investing wisdom seems to me to go beyond investing itself. Here are some of his great quotes full of wisdom we could all learn from: