Dr. Amen Healthy Brain Techniques and 5 Things that Destroy It

healthy brain techniques

Healthy Brain Techniques, Why? The Money Vikings require strong healthy brains to live a life of True Wealth. As a society, we have historically ignored brain health. Instead focusing on the symptoms in particular areas of health and behavior instead of getting to the root cause: brain health. An unhealthy brain leads to all sorts … Read more

5 Ways to Develop Delayed Gratification Psychology

delayed gratification psychology

Delayed Gratification Psychology. You know Money Vikings present a virtual Swiss army knife of tools and techniques to live a life of True Wealth. In my experience, one of the most critical skills to develop to build wealth is delayed gratification. A few are born with a natural affinity to this behavior, but most of … Read more

Built A Million Dollar Blog, Next Stop is YouTube (5 powerful tips for successful blogging)

6 Years! Money Vikings are now celebrating 5 years blogging about all things investing, personal finance, family, health and more. We have evolved through the years and are continuing to evolve now as we expand into YouTube. But our mission remains the same: Deliver to you a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration to live … Read more

3 Ways to Stop Online Shopping Addiction

online shopping addiction

We are being tricked An Online Shopping Addiction? Many forms of technology are being used to do one simple thing, remove dollars from your pocket. Online shopping has exploded over the years, and became especially ubiquitous during the pandemic. Take from this guy who was an early investor in WebVan during the Dotcom crunch, unfortunately … Read more

How to Live Forever? (7 great & powerful ways)

how to live forever

At Money Vikings our guiding mission is to deliver the most amazing life enhancing and wealth building information we can bring together in one place. This includes not only building wealth, but also living as long and as healthy as possible. So How to Live Forever? Read on!

3 Ways to Prepare for Bull Market Potential

bull market

No one knows exactly where the next bull market arrives, but it is quite possible that another one will happen in the future. So, I wonder, how best can we prepare now for the next bull run after a choppy downward year and now a sideways choppy market movement? What is a Bull Market? A … Read more

5 Ways to Middle Age Happiness – True Wealth

middle age happiness

Can We Manifest Middle Age Happiness?

The best is yet to come is a nice saying. it gives us hope and I believe it to be true. So if you are younger, keep in mind that the best can still be in the future. But how do we manifest this to find ways to happiness in middle age?

7 Gen X Retirement Tips

gen x retirement

43-58, MTV Generation Gen X Retirement? I can’t believe it, but many Gen X are now anywhere from 7-15 years away from traditional retirement age. How did that happen? But more importantly, how can Gen X secure a successful retirement that is coming ever closer? Here we discuss 7 retirement tips and ideas for Generation … Read more

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