Stop Doing These Things If You Want to Be Rich (5 Things)

stop doing these things to be rich

Want to be rich? Stop doing these things then! A core tenant of being Money Viking strong is not only what you do to build wealth, BUT what we avoid doing. Stop doing specific things and actions if you want to be rich. Here are 5 of the worst things people do with their money … Read more

7 Foods to Improve Telomere Health (what is a strong viking telomere?)

foods to improve telomere health

Do You Know What a Telomere Is? A telomere is essentially a protective cap at the end of our life code that helps us replicate cells throughout our human existence. Unfortunately as we age, the caps seem to where down and this becomes a sign of aging. But what if there were foods and habits … Read more

A “Viking” Bear Market Investment Strategy for the Raging 20’s

bear market investment strategy

A Simple Approach in a Chaotic World – Be the Bear Market Investment God The Norse Gods Thor and Odin often took the shape of a bear to visit the human world. The bear stands for strength, healing, inner wisdom and balance between the seen and the unseen world. In investing we seem to collectively … Read more

Dr. Amen Healthy Brain Techniques and 5 Things that Destroy It

healthy brain techniques

Healthy Brain Techniques, Why? The Money Vikings require strong healthy brains to live a life of True Wealth. As a society, we have historically ignored brain health. Instead focusing on the symptoms in particular areas of health and behavior instead of getting to the root cause: brain health. An unhealthy brain leads to all sorts … Read more

3 Powerful Reasons Not to Invest in Real Estate (beware the YouTubers)

reasons not to invest in real estate

Reasons not to invest in real estate We are not your typical blogger/youtubers on personal finance! We are not going to be big flashy showman and sell some BS hype machine about the latest get rich quick scheme. Lately I see many YouTubers talking about getting rich fast with real estate investing! The truth is … Read more

5 Powerful Habits of the Rich

habits of the rich

Habits of the Rich. For over 20 years we have studied the habits of wealthy people. It has been proven through various research that wealthy folks, like the Millionaire Next Door, have certain habits and character traits. If only this knowledge was taught in school, we may have many more millionaires around enjoying a life … Read more

Combine the Power of Olive Oil, Garlic & More! (The Health Trifecta’s 3 Ways)

power of olive oil

Harnessing the Power of a Health Trifecta You might be using The Money Vikings Investing Trifecta to build wealth, but are we also using the Health Trifecta to build health? Welcome, everyone! Today, we’re going to delve into the health benefits of two incredibly versatile ingredients: olive oil and garlic. And we will combine these … Read more

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