Is ESG Investing Fundamentally Flawed? And is it even “good” for people?

esg investing

Here is my bottomline, I want to look at things realistically, not how they are marketed to me. If these funds are truly filled with companies that are improving the plight of humanity and making money, then I am all in. I just do not buy that every company is some perfect saintly company. Perhaps there is no such thing.

5 Ways to STOP Worrying About Money

worry about money

There are plenty of things to be worried about these days, and of course money is always high on that list for most families. In fact, we seem kind of drenched with worry given a raging pandemic and inflation, folks just seem tired of it all. And their feelings make sense given what we have all gone through the last couple years.

Happy Life & Riding the ā€œUā€ Shape Wave of Life – 5 Ideas

happy life

Want to Live a Happy Life? One thing I have noticed about people and happiness over my life: If we can be of service to others, connect with others and help others, our happiness tends to grow.

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