Gen Z Investing Strategies (Investing in Your 20’s for powerful results)

gen z investing strategies

Gen Z, We Love You With graduation season upon us, we wanted to share some investing concepts with younger folks so they can launch into building wealth with a strong start. Here are ways that Gen Z investing strategies can make them rich and build a life of True Wealth! I am not one of … Read more

5 Ways to Middle Age Happiness – True Wealth

middle age happiness

Can We Manifest Middle Age Happiness?

The best is yet to come is a nice saying. it gives us hope and I believe it to be true. So if you are younger, keep in mind that the best can still be in the future. But how do we manifest this to find ways to happiness in middle age?

Feeling Behind in Life – 5 Things to Consider

feeling behind in life

Feeling Behind in Life? Try loving yourself for who you are and where you are in life. Realize that each person’s life is unique with their own trials and tribulations. There will always be someone with more/different and always someone with less/different. Find your unique path, be kind to all, be strong when you can, seek help when you need it. This is the heart and soul of Money Viking strong!

4 Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting (and how to do it)

I am reading more and more studies lately that support the health benefits of intermittent fasting. I am trying intermittent fasting personally by occasionally skipping breakfast, which extends the period of time from my evening meal to the meal the next day. I am shooting for about 14 hours difference, something I have never done before.

World War 3 – Are You Properly Investing?

world war

There is no more time to sugar coat things, World War 3 is here. And it did not start with spy balloons. Large global powers with very different ideologies and ways to govern will clash at various tension points for the foreseeable future. The question for savvy investors: Are they preparing for what is coming … Read more

I Tried Dozens of Lifehacks and Health Wealth Hacks – 7 That Make Me Powerful!

wealth health hacks life

Anyone who spends minutes (or hours) each day scrolling through YouTube shorts knows that there are a plethora (3 Amigos Word) of health, wealth and success gurus out there spinning off nuggets of life success advice. And frankly it can be a bit overwhelming.

Home Brewing Beer for Vikings! (The Wealth Building Effect of Making Things)

Original Beer Viking

Introducing a very special guest writer today, my Dad, the original “Money Viking.”  He is a master home brewer (among many other impressive talents) and he shares his process and the economics of home brewing.  Brewing Beer is one of those do it yourself pursuits that can be highly satisfying and in the long run … Read more

Is ESG Investing Fundamentally Flawed? And is it even “good” for people?

esg investing

Here is my bottomline, I want to look at things realistically, not how they are marketed to me. If these funds are truly filled with companies that are improving the plight of humanity and making money, then I am all in. I just do not buy that every company is some perfect saintly company. Perhaps there is no such thing.

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