What I’m Doing With Finances & Investing In 2023

Finance Building

What I’m Doing With Finances & Investing In 2023 I am strategizing and planning my investment actions and philosophy for 2023. In this article I will lay out the following: Brief assessment of 2022 damage Predictions & opportunities for 2023 specific actions I will take to grow wealth 2022 Sh%!t Show First lets take a … Read more

Home Brewing for Vikings! (The Wealth Building Effect of Making Things)

Original Beer Viking

Introducing a very special guest writer today, my Dad, the original “Money Viking.”  He is a master home brewer (among many other impressive talents) and he shares his process and the economics of home brewing.  This is one of those do it yourself pursuits that can be highly satisfying and in the long run save … Read more

Inflation Defense System: Why I Am Not At All Stressed About The Current Market Downturn

Watch out, the sky is falling. Once again there is fear in the air. We may really have a recession this time, especially since we have all been talking about it for the last year. So, perhaps it is time to sell everything and run into the woods! Is it all over? The Fed Is … Read more

Methods to Declutter Finances & Life in 2023!

This time of year I start thinking about some decluttering methods. For one to manage the incoming stuff from the holidays and secondly to prepare for a good launch to the new year. Here are some ideas to help make 2023 a strong year of growth and productivity. Konmari is a Japanese art of decluttering … Read more

Fear is Our Friend Investing

Fear and Deth

Fear is our friend when investing! But before I explain why fear is our friend right now as logical and well balanced investors, let me first describe an investing environment:   Imagine a time when many people had extra cash laying around and access to online investing tools. Money was being thrown at all the … Read more

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