$25K a Year Dividend Investing Portfolio (7 Advantages)

dividend investing

In this article we share our top 10-20 holdings of our dividend investing income portfolio that produces approximately $25k a year in dividend income. We also share 7 advantages of investing this way via a new embedded YouTube video. Finally, we’ve updated this post to include a live view to the dividend portfolio in Google Sheets, and a TradingView watchlist.

What I’m Doing With Finances & Investing In 2023

Finance Building

What I’m Doing With Finances & Investing In 2023 I am strategizing and planning my investment actions and philosophy for 2023. In this article I will lay out the following: Brief assessment of 2022 damage Predictions & opportunities for 2023 specific actions I will take to grow wealth 2022 Sh%!t Show First lets take a … Read more

Happy Birthday Warren Buffett! – How to be a Great Investor & Person

warren buffett

Berkshire the company is like an amazing collection of over 60 awesome American companies. I admire the man himself for his morals, intellect and values. I find him to be a role model in terms of living a good and fulfilling life. He values integrity, family, moral judgment and strategic business investments. He loves numbers and math. He also loves a Dairy Queen Blizzard and burger! His investing wisdom seems to me to go beyond investing itself. Here are some of his great quotes full of wisdom we could all learn from:

Fear is Our Friend Investing

Fear and Deth

Fear is our friend when investing! But before I explain why fear is our friend right now as logical and well balanced investors, let me first describe an investing environment:   Imagine a time when many people had extra cash laying around and access to online investing tools. Money was being thrown at all the … Read more

Everything is Going to Zero!

Everything is Going to Zero! “Keep calm and invest on.” – Anonymous You heard it folks, everything is going to zero. No asset is worth anything. The worst crash is upon us, let’s just run for the hills with some gold coins! Hopefully the above statements sound absolutely ridiculous to you. But the sad part … Read more

Fundrise Returned 17% in this Market! (Fundrise Real Estate Overview)

I continue to be amazed Fundrise, the real estate crowd funding platform, continues to amaze me with it’s solid year over year returns. I am having the dividends reinvested and adding a modest amount each month via automation. Here is a comprehensive overview of the system. And I was amazed to see an 8% return … Read more

6 Powerful Health Benefits of Coffee, (SBUX) Starbucks Investment & Building Wealth

On a journey of financial, physical and mental health, I like to find ways to combine and compound efforts. What about harnessing the health benefits of coffee? Especially these days as we manage market turbulence and asset values depreciating. This brings us to our enjoyment of a good cup of coffee with a friend or … Read more

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