Batman ’89 Movie Cards (Awesome Strong Value)

Are Batman Movie Cards 1989 Worth Anything? It’s possible that Batman 1989 movie cards may be worth something to collectors, depending on their condition and rarity. However, the value of collectibles can fluctuate over time, so it’s important to keep in mind that any estimated value may not be entirely accurate. A Mint for $1,000 … Read more

Sorcery Contested Realm Coming Soon! (Original Art TCG)

sorcery contested realm

Sorcery Contested Realm! Here at Money Vikings we explore and discover the nexus between many different aspects of a strong life of True Wealth. We go well beyond just some number in a mutual fund account. That is the easy part. But what is the art of building a strong Money Viking life of True Wealth?

Star Wars Collectibles

Star Wars Collectibles – Take Them Seriously! Life is a journey of learning, discovery, evolution, and experience. But we all know that some of our discoveries are things we wish we had done differently. This is just reality. Life is not a success only journey, we hit snags and complications. And we are tested. It … Read more

Technology Good Bad? Use the Internet to Be Stronger

technology good bad using internet social media to be strong on the internet

Technology Good Bad? Let’s Use Social Media & Internet to Be Stronger! Congratulations! We spent the last two decade as part of a vast social experiment using social media and the internet! How does it feel being a guinea pig? Now, how do we develop a healthy relationship with technology in order to build wealth … Read more

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