2 Cash Back Options – Investing Apps Robinhood & CashApp

black android smartphone on brown wooden table

CashApp allows stock trading on their platform. We wanted to take both of them for a test drive to see which is better.

Inflation Has Sucked for Decades – 1 Plan to Destroy It!


Let’s stop lying to ourselves, inflation has sucked for decades! We may be fooling ourselves to think that this is a new phenomena of high gas prices and expensive eggs after a Pandemic. But do not be fooled.

4 Ways to Hosting WordPress on a Shoestring Budget

hosting wordpress

Hosting Wordpress on a shoestring budget is cheap, fun, and fast. As financial bloggers, we always look for ways to save, and keeping our costs down leaves more time to do what we love, blog about money and financial freedom.

7 Ways to Build a Robot “Wealth Building” Army, How to Build Wealth through your 40s-50s

wealth building robot army

7 ways to build a wealth building “robot” army!

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