Are You Prepared for Real Estate Investing? 5 Things to Consider

real estate investing

As many readers of The Money Vikings know, I primarily work in the realm of real estate investing. For centuries real estate has served as an attractive asset class that can preserve and grow wealth. Think about the wealth of Kings and Queens, it mainly derived from the ownership and productive use of real estate. As we … Read more

Airbnbust Airbnb Investments Gone Wrong! (1 Real Estate Expert’s View)

Airbnbust airbnb

There are increasing reports of the “Airbnbust” for airbnb. Thousands of wealthy and upper middle class people that purchased properties for short term rental purposes over the last couple years can no longer keep them occupied on a regular basis.

6 REIT Real Estate Investment Trusts

REIT Real Estate

Consider these REITS as an alternative to investing in physical real estate.

REIT Power Investors!

REIT Power Investors

REIT Power Investors! In general, real estate is one of my favorite asset classes. It is tangible, scarce and can be re-imagined for new uses. It is clearly a time tested way to build wealth and secure your future. More millionaires have been made through history from real estate than any other asset class. And … Read more

Should We Believe Real Estate Mythology (Is Home Ownership Worth It?)

REIT Real Estate

We believe many myths and some can be very helpful on our journey through life. The ancient Greeks told tales of mythology in order to pass on valuable life lessons to increase their chances of success, wealth and survival. What about the mythology we tell ourselves about owning a home and investing in real estate? … Read more

Fear is Our Friend Investing

Fear and Deth

Fear is our friend when investing! But before I explain why fear is our friend right now as logical and well balanced investors, let me first describe an investing environment:   Imagine a time when many people had extra cash laying around and access to online investing tools. Money was being thrown at all the … Read more

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