Airbnbust Airbnb Investments Gone Wrong! (1 Real Estate Expert’s View)

Airbnbust airbnb

There are increasing reports of the “Airbnbust” for airbnb. Thousands of wealthy and upper middle class people that purchased properties for short term rental purposes over the last couple years can no longer keep them occupied on a regular basis.

4 Ways to Fight Lifestyle Creep

Many folks are currently dealing with a toxic combo of inflation and lifestyle creep. And with economic storm clouds on the horizon, it may be a great time to push back against lifestyle creep in particular. You see, the pandemic era excesses of money supply and skyrocketing asset prices gave a false sense of security, … Read more

Declutter Finances and Build Wealth


How would you like to declutter your surroundings and build wealth all at the same time? Presently, as I progress into 2023, I have an overwhelming urge to declutter and simplify my life. Basically, I believe organizing our life and finances does something crucial. It opens up doors to new possibilities. So here are a … Read more

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