Why I’m moving my Crypto to a Hardware Wallet

FTX, Celsius, Three Arrows, Voyager, BlockFi… who’s next? Crypto.com has been pretty good to me for the past year however, they have Lowered the staking rates they pay back for the average account holder Their CRO has not done any better than Bitcoin (my crypto bellwether) They are going to remove both free Spotify and … Read more

Finviz Heat Map

Finviz Heat Map

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Finviz Heat Map

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Political Cartoons Anyone?


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Quick Hits for the Week of 10/23/22

finviz heat map

The Death of the 60/40 Portfolio Is Greatly Exaggerated I’ve seen so many articles, and listened to so many podcasts this week about the death of the 60/40 portfolio (60% Equities / 40% Bonds). Now I’m not saying it’s right for everyone, however just taking a look at the past 12 months is not how … Read more

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