Real Estate Investment Trusts (Real Estate Cash Flow, REITs, Great Addition to Portfolio) (STOR, O, Vanguard Real Estate)

REIT Real Estate

Consider these REITS as an alternative to investing in physical real estate.

3 Strategies to Overcome Our Flawed Investing Psychology


3 Strategies to Overcome Our Flawed Investment Psychology – By Money Viking Greg What a wild week in the market, like a crazy roller coaster! The field of investment psychology comes out with more and more evidence every year that proves we suck at investing and managing finances in general. The old models assumed that … Read more

Dear Crypto World – Get Your Sh%#t Together!

Thank goodness we have had enough sense over the years to limit our exposure to crypto currencies. We have always been intrigued by the concept and understand the fundamental principles. BUT, crypto is severely lacking in structure, rules and organization. So let me put it this way: Dear crypto, get your shit together! Or face … Read more

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