Star Wars Collectibles

Star Wars Collectibles – Take Them Seriously! Life is a journey of learning, discovery, evolution, and experience. But we all know that some of our discoveries are things we wish we had done differently. This is just reality. Life is not a success only journey, we hit snags and complications. And we are tested. It … Read more

Is ESG Investing Fundamentally Flawed? And is it even “good” for people?

esg investing

Here is my bottomline, I want to look at things realistically, not how they are marketed to me. If these funds are truly filled with companies that are improving the plight of humanity and making money, then I am all in. I just do not buy that every company is some perfect saintly company. Perhaps there is no such thing.

Recession Proofing Your Finances – 6 Simple Things You Can Do Today!

vikings recession proof

Recession Proofing Your Finances – 6 Simple Things You Can Do Today! Once again as the pandemic monetary madness unwinds, it is time to consider how recession proof you are. You can start recession proofing your finances today. No one knows if we will hit a recession, but the media has been talking about it … Read more

Declutter Finances and Build Wealth


How would you like to declutter your surroundings and build wealth all at the same time? Presently, as I progress into 2023, I have an overwhelming urge to declutter and simplify my life. Basically, I believe organizing our life and finances does something crucial. It opens up doors to new possibilities. So here are a … Read more

Don’t Make Resolutions

Don't Make Resolutions

Don’t make resolutions – I have a better plan! For many years I made new year’s resolutions. I used to follow the guidance in a great book called “Write It Down, Make It Happen”. There is even a new year’s ritual where I would write down the resolutions and then ceremoniously burn the little pieces … Read more

Travel Hacks for Families On the Go

Travel Hacks Family Volly

Travel Hacks Many families are travelling for the holidays and that means extra strain on our budgets. With proper planning, we can save while on the go. Here are some hacks I used while on the east coast this past week. 1. Airline Tickets & Deals Here’s one of my favorite travel hacks: Use rewards … Read more

What to Do When Trying to Keep the Credit Card Balance Down! (3 steps)

Not sure about you, but this year has been a challenging one financially speaking! We may have survived the physical and emotional trauma of the great pandemic, but what about the financial stress we have been dealing with during the 2022 financial implosion? It has not been pretty. And I feel things may get a … Read more

How to Stop Caring & Live a Fruitful Experience

Never give up they say! Always do the right thing! Sacrifice and only say nice things. How about trying a different approach: stop caring and worrying so much for a more fruitful life? Ok, sounds harsh, and I  am admittedly being a little bit dramatic for arguments sake. But hear me out. Decades of Learning … Read more

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